Zebrasoma Tangs: Are They Right for Your Tank


The Zebrasoma family includes some of the best-known fishes in the hobby, including OG saltwater fish – the yellow tang, the strongly graded diamond tang, and the huge tang sailfin.

Others may be stored in tanks for a maximum of 75 gallons, and some need no less than 300 gallons in the tanks to maintain their large volume. So which zebrasoma tangs suit your existing tank correctly? I apologies that each of these majestic beings cannot feature video footages.

I now have four varieties of zebrasoma but no more space. But I guarantee you had experience with anything like my local fish store days. So, before you look for “seawall repair near me,” let’s know more about the current issue.

Zebrasoma Gemmatum: The Gem Tang

I thought of the last time I left this. But the fish merited being top of the line solely because of its appearance and price tag. The word gemmatum is straightforward – the fish is simply a gem.

The price ranging from the previous estimates to $600-$900 for this fish, but it “declined” in the retail sector depending on where you buy it. The Gem tang came from a small part of the West Indian Ocean.

Together with its natural wealth, it is one of the main factors for this large markup to export these fish make several stops from the West Indian Ocean to the European or North American markets. You should only expect a vital price tag if you see anything from the West Indian Ocean. Besides all of these, you can know and follow the seawall construction methods.

Zebrasoma Xanthurum: Purple Tang

Xanthurum is a purple tang with a Latin origin in the Xanthus, which means a preceding gold leaf. It’s a little tricky because the fish are mostly purple. However, the tail has undoubtedly golden/yellow. This fish comes from the West Indian Ocean but has distributed more widely than the Gem Tang.

There are, however, none as outrageous as the gem tang, although it’s pricier than any other tang. The violet tang is also a healthy aquarium. It has understood that the zebrasoma tangs have one of the worst temperaments. So, if any of them are housed, be sure to instruct others.

It grows to 8′′, so I suggest that you have the same housing specifications as the gem tang. One point worth noting is the black pattern, which, as the boy with dark linear designs paints younger purple tangs, appears to fade away as they age. Finally, you will get a powerful purple body on your forehead, with black scratches.

Zebrasoma Veliferum: Sailfin Tang (Indo Pacific)

The names “sailfin” are two species of zebrasoma trout. One dwells in the Indo-Pacific and the other in the Indian Ocean. They are among zebrasoma and all tangs, all of which are among the greatest. The Tang can quickly rise in the wilderness to one and a half foot.

The body itself is the size of a dinner plate without expanding its fins. This is the one tang for which you certainly have much space. They are just as easy to look after as the rest. For this fish, the average retail price is between 40 and 100 dollars.