What Architects Should Know When Having First Meeting with Client


Working for architectural rendering services is not that easy. As an architect, you would have to gather as much information as you can by asking questions to your client to get an idea about what they want, what is their budget etc. Here are some of the things that you should do in the first meeting with your client;

1. Start with a Normal Chat and Ask Questions


Don’t just directly jump onto the business chat, start with a relaxed chat instead. Try to build a good connection with your client and then start questioning them about their interest and lifestyle. Ask the following things from your client:

  • Keeping your budget aside, what are the things you wish to see in your dream house?
  • Are you a quiet and relaxed family or socially active and party type?
  • Would there be kids in the future or old parents in the house?
  • What are your views on sustainability?
  • Lastly, after getting all the answers, ask about their budget.

2. Be Prepared for Questions

After the questioning session of your clients, your session would start. Prepare yourself before the meeting for the basic questions that almost every client asks. Try to give justified and understandable answers to whatever your client asks.

3. Explain Your Ideas with Examples

Start explaining your ideas in a very basic way with simple terms so that clients can easily get what you are trying to say. As you move further, start showing your previous work as an example so that they could get the exact image of the idea and it would also tell them about the creativity of your work. You can use architectural rendering services and show their ideas in visual form later to impress them.

4. Mention Processes, Timelines, and Limitations

Clearly explain how the design, its approval, and all the processes work to your clients especially when it’s their first time to visit a 3D architectural rendering service for a big house renovation or making a new house. Also add to their knowledge if there would be any sort of technical issues, environmental threats or any other limitations in the plan which they selected. Don’t forget to tell them the approximate time that would be taken to complete the project. Again, architectural rendering services would be a great help there.

5. Be Firm About the Costs

As your clients agree on a particular design, keep explaining them the fee structures at every stage of the process. By this, your clients would feel that your prices are genuine and valuable. Clearly explain to your clients that some additional amount would also be the cost which would be determined by the site engineering or local council at the time of work.

6. Be Practical

Win the hearts of your clients by creating their dream house but keep all the technical issues in mind. Assure your clients that there are some practical issues which would impact their plan.

If you keep following things in mind and make a list of questions before the meeting and also prepare yourself for some cross-questioning, you would be able to win the trust of your clients and working with them would become a great experience for you and for them as well.


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