Things to Do Alone In San Francisco While Going Solo

Things to Do Alone In San Francisco While Going Solo

You might get it a bit biased if you’re from San Francisco. But, it’s indeed one of the greatest places in the world to do many things while you’re alone. The city is as single as the outnumber children of dogs. In any way, it’s quite perfect for solo travelers and many things to do out there like making a solo trip to San Francisco.

For the best experience in San Francisco, you just need some great ideas on what you can do in this city. It’s because the city is very delighted and beautiful with lots of things to do.

Regardless of you’re going to alone or with friends, the city is extremely friendly and overwhelming for single travelers. That’s why we’re going to share some ideas that will help you find the best things and places to enjoy while things to do alone in San Francisco.

Visiting A Museum

Museums are always a suitable place for solo travelers because it lets you reflect and explore yourself. This is not very important that you get a deep feel of every piece of their artwork. It’ll help to keep pace with some other people out there.

When it comes to San Francisco, you’ll get some top museums. Among the museums, you’ll find some world’s best ones including Semoma and Asian Art Museum. Some of them offer two for one admission, for example, de Young in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park.

Eating Through the Ferry Building

Although the ferry building the striking pieces of this city’s architecture, the most stunning thing about it is the appetizing artisan food they provide.

You also can try chocolates, a burger, Cocktails, Oysters and a chilled beer. And you can get a calm nap while going home eating this tasty food.

Going to A Roller Disco

You can go to a church’s roller disco, yes, you’re hearing right thing. An eye-catching house is at Alamo Square with an old church where a large disco ball is. As a solo traveler, you can happily spend one night at the church which is a better residential area.

Those who are 18+ can attend a very interesting event that happens every Friday and Saturday night. In this place, you’ll enjoy just adult fun things to do. It’ll obviously provide you more entertainment than you’re thinking about it.

Trying Pizza from the World Pizza Cup

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you’re one of the great pizza lovers, you must try the place of Tony’s Pizza Napolitano. It’s because this is one nice place to enjoy eating pizza in San Francisco’s Little Italy at Washington Square Park. Also, a pizza is a simple best way to refuel your body.

But, if you’re unable to eat one of them alone then go through to Tony’s Coal-Fired Pizza and Slice House. You’ll find slices of pizza out there and you can get your pizza slice outside if the weather is great. Also, there are some more things to do like exploring Chinatown, walking over the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.


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