How to Select Kitchen Art?


1. Choose Beautiful Frames but Wisely

Kitchen which is known to be the heart of the house is often neglected when it comes to decorating. It’s very commonly believed that the only things that can be used as decorations in the kitchen is kitchen gadgets and utensils, however I believe this is completely wrong. It needs kitchen art decor.


Because kitchen is just like any other room actually more important because it’s a place where after a hectic and busy schedule the whole family meets for dinner.

So, to not make your kitchen feel left out make sure you choose beautiful frames that have some quotes or tips from the famous chefs like Gordon Ramsey and many others.

Also, colorful frames and floral is also something that can be appealing to your eyes while gobbling that delicious dinner with family.

The most important thing when thinking of using frames for kitchen art decor is that these frames should have a thick glass because if not then the humidity will completely ruin the art you bought with so much love. Also, don’t forget kitchen has the most humid environment.

2. Place Art Hangings at Eye Level

It’s always a said that the best place to decorate, a place that catches everyone’s sight and attention is the one which is at an eye level. Where people just have to turn their head and Tada! The beautiful sight is right in front of their eyes.  So make sure you place any piece of decoration at an eye level to ensure it’s not missed out. However, choosing a place above or even near the coffee machine is a big no, even if it’s at an eye level because the steam from the machine will ruin the masterpiece.

3. Pay Attention to the Focal Point

Focal point is basically a point which is the first thing a person notices when they enter any room. So you must go on a hunt to your kitchen and discover the focal point and then think of ways you can rock the focal point with kitchen art decor. An enlarged picture that goes from the floor to the ceiling or a large hanging or even a textured wall or patterned wall paper can be some good options to use.

4. Countertops and Space above the Cabinet Are the Space for Decorations

Confused about which walls to decorate in your kitchen? The rule is never miss out the walls above the marbled countertops and above the beautiful wooden cabinets.

5. Choose Your Colors Carefully

Bold colors that match your cabinets and countertops are a perfect choice for your kitchen walls. Also, grey is a magic color and is a perfect fit for the kitchen, like just like Cinderella’s shoe that perfected fitted her feet.

6. Mirrors Can Never Go Wrong

I love mirrors, like cannot like them? They can be decorated in so many ways plus if they are paired with good lighting they look amazing! So you can decorate your kitchen wall using these mirrors in unique ways.


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