Frequently Asked Questions About Using Smartphones as Mobile Hotspot


Did you know that your precious smartphone has a special little feature called ‘Mobile Hotspot’? If you didn’t, go to your settings and check the Wi-Fi tethering options. It’s one of those useful features that few people use.

I’ve been using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature of my smartphone to connect my other devices for a long time now. I’m pretty surprised that some of my friends still don’t know about it! Well, not everyone is a nerd like me, right?

Using my phone as a hotspot allows me to link my tablet or laptop to the internet anytime. It’s how I remain on top of work no matter where I am. It helps me to read and send emails, transfer data, and even catch up on the latest workplace news from the convenience of a full-sized device.

As I claimed myself an expert on this, let me clear some of your questions regarding this topic before buying extra mobile hotspot devices.

1. What Is Wi-Fi Hotspot Anyway?

The best mobile hotspot devices are essentially a combination of applications, hardware, and back-end network data networks that convert a handset into a broadband modem and router. Sounds tough?

In simple terms, you can use Wi-Fi on your laptop and other devices with the help of this feature on your smartphone. This allows you to link your devices and share with coworkers who are within range and know the secret.

2. How Does It Work?

When a handset is used as a hotspot, the user handles the mobile network link as though it were a wireless data source. It then uses the 802.11ac or 802.11ax standard for the latest handsets to relay this data locally, just like a mini-Wi-Fi router.

That’s how you can connect all of your Wi-Fi gadgets within range to the data signal as if it were a regular Wi-Fi network!

3. Which Phone Have This Feature?

Well, you’ve good news. Almost every android or iOS smartphone (99%) can be transformed into a mini Wi-Fi router. It just takes a minute to do so! 

Hotspot links are built over wireless networks that your smartphone usually use outside the home. If your phone and carrier support 5G, that’s what it’ll use. Otherwise, it’ll use the standard 3G or 4G network. 

4. Is It Safe to Use Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Of course, if you properly utilize the security features (Set a complex password on your hotspot!). Using your mobile hotspot, you can avoid public hotspots in hotels and coffee shops that are more prone to data exploitation.

4G data traffic is typically encrypted utilizing the Snow Stream cypher using a 128-bit encryption key. It’s just as safe and private as making a phone call or browsing the web with your phone. 5G users, on the other hand, will benefit from 256-bit security.

5. What Gadgets Are Compatible with A Phone Hotspot?

Any Wi-Fi-enabled machines, such as computers, tablets, smartwatch, other gadgets, and even game consoles, will connect to a phone hotspot. Consider it a second Wi-Fi source, except this one comes from your smartphone!