Dropshipping with Alibaba: Tips to Find Better Suppliers


To start an online company, you need two primary items: a product concept and a supplier. If you already have the definition of your product, finding the right supplier is the next move. It’s easy as a pie, thanks to Alibaba, to find a wholesale provider overseas.

However, the issue lies in choosing a trustworthy contractor. Alibaba has, as you already remember, tens of thousands of vendors. But not all of them are real vendors-there are plenty of fraud stories.

Fortunately, this guide can show you how to choose the right Alibaba vendors whilst preventing fraud and allowing you to launch a profitable online store (or expand). Let’s get into it before you look for “online dropshipping websites.”

Why Should You Use Alibaba?

Why Alibaba, first of all? Why not any other directory of internet suppliers? Yeah, the number one factor is that you can get absolutely everything for a fraction of the cost of what you will buy it for somewhere. Think of Alibaba as the Asian bulk goods equivalent of Amazon.

They’ve got it. Jewelry for less than $0.10 an item, clothes of designer quality for a couple of bucks, gadgets for half of what you would buy in the U.S. Plus, there’s the fact that you see a lot of growth when you look at China’s e-commerce market. You should also know about shopify dropshipping pricing.

Alibaba: Pros

Let’s begin with the pros. But networking advantages are the fourth and most important benefit that Alibaba has to offer. Alibaba has an ever-expanding network of diverse goods and services catering to users/suppliers.

It means that you will still have new products to choose from and new vendors to establish relationships. Still, life isn’t just daisies and sunshine. When using Alibaba to locate a supplier, there are quite a few threats.

Alibaba: Risks

Remember when I said there were lots of Alibaba scams? Yeah, that’s just one of the dangers. More are there. We would also like to find out that the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has a downright bad ranking on Alibaba.

Because the BBB does not accredit Alibaba, we will not give you the right score they got. Nevertheless, regardless of the sum of negative feedback, we might conclude that it is less than perfect.

You’d see that we have an A+ ranking, with 48 favorable reviews, one critical score, and zero negative reviews if you were to look at SaleHoo’s profile on the BBB.


It’s not exactly easy to find vendors for Alibaba. Not without the right instruments and know-how, at least. But when you find a decent source and get high-quality goods at bargain low prices, it IS insanely lucrative. Your margins of profit are nuts!

We have taught you everything you need to know in this article to find the best Alibaba suppliers. From identifying them to vetting them and engaging with them, feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns!