A Small Guide to Using Golf Tees


Golf tees are little pegs that you put into the ground and place the golf ball on. It lifts the ball off the ground so you can strike it at a lower angle to avoid touching the ground.

It also takes it off the turf and will reduce the distance you get from your swing by dampening the effect. According to the rules, a tee can only be 4 inches long, and its nature cannot affect the ball’s trajectory or display the signify line of play. Over everything, you should just tee up inside the golf tee box (the starting point for a hole on the golf course).

This post would clarify what plastic golf tees are and how to use them. Let’s go through the article before you look for microfiber golf towels.

#1 Know The Tee Markers

Each golf course will have at least three sets of colour-coded tee markers that indicate the distance between the tee box and the hole. Each course will have its own colour coding scheme, which you can familiarize yourself with before playing.

The shortest distances are typically marked with green. In contrast, the longest distances are generally marked with blue, purple, or gold (black and gold are usually only used in championship games, though).

#2 Tee High

The aim when teeing up is to get as much space as possible. Higher tees (those that lift the ball higher off the ground) allowed for more distance in one experiment than lower tees. This was particularly true for players with lower ability levels.

#3 Tee Low

High tees give more distance but at the cost of precision. If you want to increase your accuracy, tee low and drive the tee in deeper.

#4 Adjust

As you can see, there are advantages of using high tees and the disadvantages of using low tees. It’s a compromise. You get the most distance on the high tee end of the spectrum. You have the most power on the low tee end of the continuum. Change the height of your tee to suit your unique needs. If you’re unsure, pick a mid-height to find a decent mix between distance and control.

#5 Use A Golf Tee & Ball Setter

These are devices attached to long sticks that allow you to drive the tee into the ground and place the ball on top of it without bending over. This is particularly useful for seniors and people who have back problems because it reduces the need to bend over to the ground numerous times each time you tee up.

#6 Keep a Golf Tee Dispenser

This seems like a good idea before you lean over or sit down and feel the sudden pressure of a golf tee cutting into your leg. Tossing the handful of loose golf tees into your golf bag seems like a good idea before you find yourself looking through your bag for a tee.

Plastic golf tees dispenser are compact container that hooks into your bag and dispenses golf tees easily. That means no more burning leg pain and no more scratching in your pocket.