6 Helpful Tips for Building a Website for Your Small Business

Website has become the most vital part of today’s marketing tools. Building a customer-focused website is not that easy which generates leads from the visiting audiences. Here are 6 tips for building an effective website for small businesses.


Despite the nature and size of your business, digital presence has become a must if you wish to thrive in today’s world, stated by the digital marketing professionals. And the foundation of that digital presence is reflected through your business website.

Now, we understand that a small business has limited resources and can no way compete with big corporations to reflect the same brand image. But we can still help you do a pretty good job thanks to this list of tips that we have gathered from some of the top web design companies in New York.

1. A Single Website

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Never have more than one website for your business. Your website acts as your digital base of operations and provides all the information related to your business. Having more than one website can adversely affect your business. It would leave your customers confused about the authenticity of the website, driving away potential customers and profits.

2. Unique Domain

The domain is the address that people use to connect to your website through the internet. If your website has a subdomain (that you got through a free design and hosting provider), it would be tediously long to type and even remember. It will lead to customers losing credibility in your business and interest in visiting your website and checking out your products or services. This will ultimately hurt your brand image.

3. Website Design

The design of your website should be clutter free and according to the nature of your business. Website’s job is to keep the visitors intrigued so they stay on it longer. The longer a visitor stays on your website, more are his chances of making a purchase from it. Ideally, a small business website design needs to be captivating and simple.

4. Content

You may have already heard the phrase, content is king… well, it is a dead serious fact, especially if you want to implement a content marketing plan for your business. Your product or services may manage to invoke the curiosity of people to visit your website but it is the content that will keep them coming. So, always post high quality and engaging content on your website and never copy somebody else’s work without giving due credit or your website might not show up in the search engine results.

5. Mobile Viewing

This point actually connects to designing and marketing of your business. Not having a responsive website can have a major blow on your business. With a world full of smartphone users, just imagine having a website that does not support mobile viewing. Terrifying isn’t it? Do not let that happen to your business and discuss the possibilities of having a responsive design for your website with your designers and developers.

6. Easy Navigation

Another important point to discuss with your developers is to have the website designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate for the visitors. It simply means that all the information on the website should be accessed in just a few clicks without confusing the visitor. A pro tip here is to have concise forms on your website for quick and easy communication.

Keep this list handy the next time you go to meet your designer so you can easily discuss these things with him. After all, these tips come from some of the best web development company in Australia.


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