6 Best Apps for People Visiting Australia

Travel guides are available online. But if the guidance can be avail on the go in your pocket, the tour can be even more awesome. There are many traveling apps available in the app stores. Here are 6 of the best app for people visiting Australia.


The world has advanced a lot in technology and you have everything on your fingertips most of the times with such advancement. Talking about going on holidays, you can make mobile plans with international calls without physically being guided by any tourist organizations. Few of the best apps to get guidance online are:

1. Triplify Australia


It is a great traveling app if you are visiting Australia as you can be guided to anything you want from visiting beaches to the sightseeing areas or shopping from local shops. You can also get notified for all the local events of music, sports, festivals and street fairs though this app. It can be used on both iPhones and Androids.

2. The Happiest Hour


You always look for affordable yet delicious food when you are traveling and tired like hell. The Happiest Hour is the best traveling app in Australia where you are guided with the best and reasonable food in your nearby areas. This is Free to download and can be used in Apple iTunes Apps or Android phones. You can filter out any food and drink you like and this app will show you the place to get that.

3. Wi-Fi Finder


You badly need internet connections while traveling to stay connected with your loved ones and especially when you are relying on mobile apps to enjoy your trip. This free app will let you find every spot where you can find Wi-Fi connections either paid or free. It will also show you where you can find free connectivity and where you will have to pay for that.

4. Uber


You need a cab to travel locally from one place to another and Uber is the best and only taxi service for that in Australia. They have many different promo offers for new clients and discount offers for regular users so you can travel at very low and reasonable rates locally. You can pay through card or cash as both options are available for users.

5. Spotify


When you plan to enjoy your holidays in Australia while relying on mobile plans with international calls, Spotify will remain a very good friend throughout your journey. You can find almost every kind of music and you can compile your own playlist on this app as well. This app also offers to share your playlist with your friends to enjoy together the long journey of traveling and exploring new places.

6. TripAdvisor


Well last but not the least, this app does not need much description as its features are well known worldwide. You can find every idea you will be needing any location you are planning to visit. You will just enter the name of a location and this app will show you the entire information with any required tips that might be helpful for you during your visit there. For example, what necessary items you will need to keep in that particular region like it will recommend mufflers and long shoes if you enter someplace with colder temperatures.

These are the travel apps you need after getting reliable mobile plans with unlimited international calls.


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