5 Tips to Choose a Residential Cleaning Service


1. Check the Reviews and Feedbacks

It is very important to first check the reviews and feedbacks of a company before hiring any for your house. Search ‘residential cleaning services near me’ and their reviews. Also, make sure the reviews are all organic and not just the ones showing only the good side of the company. Organic reviews can be identified when a slight lacking or a bit of negative side is also shown so look for such comments. You can also go for referrals which are more promising than feedbacks and reviews as you know the person who has already experienced the services of the company.

2. Phone Call Interviews

Well, it is very common that when you search apartment cleaning services near me and contact any company, they would immediately try to grab your address and visit your place for a free consultation along with presenting their budget for you. Don’t let them jump to this step immediately and interview them over a phone call first. If they show reluctance to answer your question on phone call, then take it as a red flag as they would probably do everything as per their style instead of following your instructions. You should interview them with questions like what products do they use, what cleaning process do they follow when switching homes in one day, what training they have given to their staff and so on.

3. Check Out Their Offered Services

Must check the services they are offering before finalizing deal so as to clear your vision about your expectations from them. For instance, you should have thorough knowledge about what they would do if they call it a cleaning service like does it include indoor and outdoor cleaning both or no. Also, do they offer domestic and commercial cleaning both, do they provide sanitation services as well along with support cleaning services and so on. After getting this information, check out their price ranges if it suits you and compare it with the residential cleaning services near me you have searched so far.

4. Be Vigilant During Visit for Estimation

Once you are okay with the dealings and price ranges, it is time to call them for a visit at your place so they can quote you the estimated price for your services. You have to be very vigilant for this meeting as this is what will decide the time span they will be at your place and the price you will be paying them for that. Don’t do cleaning before they arrive and keep your house in the same condition so that the correct cost can be estimated along with time duration.

5. Check Trainings of Staff Members

Obviously, it will be staff members who will do all the cleaning and stays at your home for a good amount of time to make sure they are reliable enough and well aware of their job descriptions. Must ask questions about the training of the staff members in their first visit and assure about their policies in case of any theft or an incident if happens.


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