5 Remote DevOps Jobs from New Remote Jobs (Now Hiring)


DevOps is a software development strategy that ties the developers and the IT staff together. With DevOps, organizations can release small features very quickly and use the feedback as a guideline to solve a problem rather quickly, for example, dealing with software failure problems, overcoming all the hurdles of the traditional waterfall model, etc. The DevOps process requires development and testing for projects.

Talking about a DevOps Engineer, such an engineer understands the Software Development Lifecycle and comprehends the usage of various automation tools for developing digital CI/CD pipelines. If you happen to be a DevOps engineer and looking for jobs, NRJ is here to the rescue. New Remote Job (NRJ), a unique job board, is allowing you to find suitable remote DevOps jobs.

1. PagerDuty

Job Title: DevOps Advocate

They are looking for experienced Ops practitioners with a passion for managing and scaling infrastructure. The candidate should be a tech-savvy, code capable communicator. The goal is to help Dev and Ops teams become more operationally mature and smart. You need to be able to speak, write, and code in order to help the teams. You will be giving lectures about DevOps topics at conferences and trade shows. Writing blogs and producing useful content will be one of the main jobs. If you think you are a perfect match for this kind of job, feel free to apply.

2. Oddball

Job Title: Senior DevOps Engineer

Oddball is currently hiring a Senior DevOps engineer to work on one of their program which they believe will make a positive impact on many American’s. The team is small, quiet, and asynchronous which I’m sure you will like if you want to work without any obstructions.

You will be working with DevOps engineers and build out DevOps best practices in the federal area. You will be creating and be responsible for the documentation of CI/CD jobs, creating infrastructure, and writing ansible-playbook. If this is calling you, why not check it out?

3. Scopic Software

Job Title: Senior DevOps Engineer

Another job for DevOps Engineer. If you happen to be an experienced DevOps engineer, this is another chance for you. Scopic Software is seeking a senior engineer to join their team of more than 250 professionals across 40 different countries. The chosen applicant will be working with a set of talented developers, designers to provide technical solutions and support for industry-leading applications. To join, check out the NRJ’s job posting or Scopic Software’s website.

4. Eyeo

Job Title: DevOps / Automation Engineer with Node.js

With your knowledge of automation and creative mindset, you are required to develop solutions to any issue regarding the designated field. You will be supporting the blocking of disruptive ads while helping to counter ad-block circumvention. You should be able to communicate with stakeholders from different teams for various improvements.

5. Upstack

Job Title: DevOps Engineer

The job in Upstack requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and 5 years of experience. If you tick those boxes, then you will be a great candidate for this job. You will be working with a well-known and talented team of developers who are designing great user experiences. You will be taking part in scrums consisting of cross-functional teams of both software and hardware.

There you go, 5 recent remote DevOps jobs posted in New Remote Jobs, check them out! The salary isn’t mentioned because you can negotiate with them. I wish you good luck in advance for the new job.