4 Most Popular Car Bumper Guards Around


When you own a car, auto parts repair is inevitable. If you are living in a city then one of the things that you regularly have to replace is your car’s bumper. Getting a bumper cover saves you the cost of replacing your bumper every few years or so. Bumper covers may not be the best-looking part of your car but they provide amazing protection. These auto body parts save your bumper from all sorts of damage ranging from the low to the very severe.

Trust me you would rather have a bumper guard than a mangled bumper. Mangled bumpers don’t really look that good trust me. You have encountered some drivers with shady driving skills or maybe you are not confident in your parking ability.

When you own a car why take risks like this? You can find a host of different bumper covers on the market that will give your car ample protection. You can even get license plate frames which are unpleasant to the eye. Bumper guards are a cost-efficient way to protect your car and the following is a list of the best aftermarket bumper guards.

Bumper Badger

This is a rear bumper guard. An extra wide size auto part that will provide protection most vehicles out there unless they are really big. A relatively cheap auto body part that is also fairly simple to install. The only downside you may find is that you have to take it off when parking. Otherwise, this is a great bumper cover for your car.


BumperBully is another popular brand for rear bumper guards. They offer 3 different models with the black edition being the most affordable. These bumper guards extra wide protection for most vehicles unless they are very big cars. BumperBully’s are easy to install and use but like the BumperBadgers, this bumper guard has to be taken off when parking.


BumperX’s are like big bandaids for your car. You just need to peel it and stick on the car. There is no maintenance or anything required for this. It works well as a cover for existing damages as well. However, you may need to cut and resize for a few types of cars. And the downside to this oversized bandaid is that it does not offer heavy protection damages.

BumpShox XL

A front bumper guard that is less intrusive than most of the bumper guards out there. These are very easy to install and are not obtrusive at all. These are a pretty cheap way to protect your front bumper. There are some Volvo models where you can’t use these though. They can only fit on the front bumper and provide you protection from low-speed collisions.

Where to Get Your Bumper Guards?

While many places like PartzRoot sell OEMs, there are many great auto body parts shop online where you can get your car front bumper guards. Look for the ones that offer great customer service as they are usually the ones with the best products. Find the bumper guard that you want and check if the online auto parts store has any special discounts or if they offer shipping or not. So now know the most popular bumper guards that people use. Choose what fits your car the best and you are on your way to save a lot in repair costs.


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